2021 will be the Chinese New Year of the Ox February 11, 2021 13:45


The year 2020 (RAT year) will go down in history as the Covid 19 Pandemic Year. In addition, also a year of multiple extreme events. From extreme weather, raging fires and a leading nation realizing that they are still fighting their Civil War. How fitting is this for the legacy or our four legged rodent friends.

Unfortunately, not so kind to a large population of "RAT" sign people. The rat characteristic is actually smart and intellectual. Well liked by others and possessors of a good work ethic. As the saying goes, "after the apocalypse, the cockroaches and rats will rule".

The Year 2021 will bring in the OX, the second animal on the list of twelve. After what we went through in 2020, it has to be a better year! It must be a better year! And, we will make it a better year.

We can only hope. Raise your wine glasses!