Wood Plant Stand, Tranquility Stand multi-use12" square platforms for Plants, Terrariums and Aquarium Bowls

$ 179.95

A perfect plant stand platform to put your family fishbowl and potted plants together and arrange them in that dull empty spot in your home or office. Our Tranquility Stand has an "Asian Style" or "Japanese Garden" look that you can bring indoors. Your creativity will transform an empty area into a place of beauty and tranquility.

ORIGINAL TRANQUILITY STAND: A beautifully designed and hand-crafted multi-use pedestal for potted plants, fish bowls, terrariums and flowers. FOR HOME OR OFFICE. It is ALL HAND MADE of genuine Poplar Hardwood in the Pacific Northwest (Washington/Oregon), United States.

DIMENSIONS: 39"H x 20"W x 20"D.
This design also comes in a 10" round platform. We can customize to your needs. Call for special pricing for 3-Piece Variety set. 360-253-3035

• Precision crafted in the Pacific Northwest
• Available stained Dark Red Mahogany, Chestnut, unfinished natural Poplar or a custom color of your choice
• Comes with a hook attachment for hanging plants or ornaments.
• Add a light feature under the top plate to create a standing hallway night light.
• Create your own personal "LOOK"; Tropical, Polynesian, Asian, Avant Garde ....
• Decorate for seasonal holidays like Christmas, Easter Halloween ...
• Can hold up to 80 pounds.